Shift-D creates a copy cat

I’m getting really baffled over this perplexing problem which I hope has some easy, well-hidden button to fix it all!

The problem is duplicating, well what happens afterwards. I’ll duplicate (Shift-D) an object, and then start animating one or the other. In the NLA editor, the 2 duplicates copy eachother’s yellow diamonds, doing EXACTLY what the other does. In animating, it just ends up being one object on top of the other, following it by a hair. If I select one diamond (in the NLA editor), it selects the duplicate’s corresponding diamond and if I create a new diamond, it creates it for the other one. I don’t see how anyone can find this useful, but I’m guessing I accidently pushed some button somewhere. It’s happening in all my projects, not just one, and it’s making me very frustrated!


Its probably copying the object data. try making the object single user instead of sharing data.

Yep, that was it. Thank you!

Hi, this problem is similar to mine. I am really new to blender and I worked out the gingerbreadman using the tutorial. I used the shift-D to duplicate the candies in gingerman chest and when I selected one to add texture all were selected. I didn´t find a way to ungroup teh candies and work in each separately as the tutorial suggests. Any hints?? or the idea is basically the same as with the animation?

Yeah, the idea is the same, except with texture. Go to Shading (F5) and in the Links and Pipeline tab you will see link to object, and MA: then a material name. If you didn’t give the material a name it will have the default name which is something like Material.001. There will be a number right after it, and if you have made 3 buttons on you gingerbread man, I would assume it would be 3. Hover over it, and it will say displays numbers of users of this data. Click to make a single-user copy. That means your material is being used on 3 objects, and anything you change in the Shading tab when that material is selected will change the material on those 3 objects. If you click, it makes a new (but identical) material specifically for the object selected. Now if you change anything, it will only change it for that object.

You can assign different objects the same materials, or even previously made materials, by clicking the arrow right before the MA: This lists all the materials you have made.

Note: Materials are not made per object, every time you make a new material you can assign it to ANY object, and it can be used at the same time with many objects, hereby creating the problem you have.