Shift+D - Duplicate Face for a new object.

Hi folks, nice to meet you all.

I’m very newbie with blender and I got a doubt:

Let’s get a basic cube as example and select one face of It. I want do duplicate one face, and make It be a new object instead of being part of the cube. So, I’m wondering if It’s possible to duplicate a face of this cube, but after I duplicate It, It becomes a new object in the outliner view (Manipulated image as sample attached).

I’m sorry for my Language barrier once English isn’t my native language.

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After you duplicate the face, hit the P key and choose Selected or All Lose Parts. It will then become a new object called Cube.001 by default.

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Thanks a lot rwv01. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the fast reply.

Just a last question. What is the difference of using ‘Selected’ or ‘All Lose Parts’?

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No problem.
“Selected” is for separating only selected parts.
“All Loose Parts” is for separating any pieces not connected to the main mesh by edges all at once.

I made an account just to tell you this but thank you so much i’ve been pulling my hair out for the past hour trying to figure this out!

And you found it in a 16 years old post.
Keyboard is the key.