shift d problem quick way

hello im making a tank mark v and as you see on this image there are black circle and i would love to know how to make these bolts quicker past them then shift d one at the time is there a quicker way

You can make a proxy object with a vertex where you want the rivets and use dupliverts


dupliverts.blend (100 KB)

im kinda new to blender so can you go into details and other ways of doing it


the video will be up soon.

thx budt how do i extrude some of the cube so it would look like a tank

as i also mentioned in the video, you should go for something more simple. learn the basic tools first before anything. watch some starter tutorials. i suggest the serie from Andrew Price (blenderguru)

ok budt ont the foot of the tank you see on this picture there are rails how do i make em


You model them and then array them.

You’re not gonna get any better if you keep asking for help on every little thing, there is a ton of tutorials on Youtube, Blender Guru, CGCookie and a few other sites that will help you build up experience.