Shift extrude and adjustable rotation increments

Guys, where are your tokens? :wink:


While I don’t personally care for the first mentioned patch*, the 2nd would be very welcome.
I don’t think I’m gonna give any tokens though. It’s neither a democracy nor an auction, after all (for heaven’s sake).

greetings, Kologe

*(neither the active tool paradigm nor the gizmo paradigm are my kind of workflow at all)

How could you, leaving the poor volunteer without support like that! :smiley: 'Twas obviously tongue-in-cheek about the tokens, no need to make it that dramatic. The point was to raise awareness for those who don’t follow the tracker closely.

Myself, I’m not a big gizmo user either. But it’s my firm belief that if Blender is to support gizmos, it needs to, well, support gizmos. There’s a lot of work to be done there, one has to start somewhere.

Uhh, err, well the funny thing is, my democracy-&-auction remark was basically meant to read as tongue-in-cheek either. Also remember: Symbolic support is actually no support at all, most of the time :crazy_face:. That’s why ‘black lives matter’ instantly spawned ‘supportive’ remarks from all sorts of corporations.

In any case I didn’t mean to come off as dismissive about the gizmo-thing, I just told the world what it didn’t need to hear: My personal stance towards it.
So yes, blender-devs, go ahead, support gizmos as much as you like, as long as I dont’t have to use them :upside_down_face:.

Those are amazing features… specially for those using other popular 3d apps (like me)… :slightly_smiling_face:

How far are you going with the gizmo interaction? I always wanted to be able to open a menu by right clicking on it… :yum:

Just as far as I have to for that patch. Any other gizmo enhancements will have to be proposed, discussed and implemented separately. No one in their right mind is going to accept huge changes in one patch from a guy off the street :slight_smile: But in general, I do have a few other things in mind. Will have to finish these first though.

Yeah yeah sure…

I guess I got spoiled by the way c4d allows you to open a menu to change the gizmo orientation just by right clicking on it… very very handy… :sunglasses:

I’d love to be able to open the transform orientation panel in that same way in blender… :wink:

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That… that, I don’t think would be a welcomed feature in Blender. And personally I wouldn’t call it necessary: the menus already exist, they’re just bound by default to inconvenient keys. Myself, I just rebound the two pie menus for orientation and pivot to D an C :slight_smile:

Now, if pivot and orientation system itself was to be gradually improved, that’d be a different story. There’s some indication, judging by where some of the current design tasks are going, that at some point that might become necessary.

The point is to not use keys… :wink:

One key or one button, what’s the difference? I mean, barring extreme unfortunate cases, of course. Well OK, two keys, under the same finger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That looks unbearably slow

The rotation increments patch, however, woud be welcome

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Super useful patches. Please support these
I wish someone can add a patch for negative scaling as well. Pressing 0 all the time is so annoying

Negative scaling has always been supported

Not really…
That’s quality of life right there… the kind of stuff that is too good for blender… hehehehe… :sunglasses:

WDYM? :thinking:

We need an option to prevent negative scaling. It is quite annoying to press 0 every time i want to scale some edgeloop.
After quick googling i see that it was posted many times on RightClickSelect
And another problem - applying negative scale flips normals. Maya can handle it with one check box, blender still can’t