Shift+F: Skinning.... not working in 2.59/2.6

So I draw a circle and I hit Shift+F it doesn’t fill in the face anymore, it puts me in a camera view. Any suggestion. :confused:

If one modifier key doesn’t work, try another (Alt+F), or from Ctrl+F / Fill or the Object / Faces / Fill menu entry, or Spacebar (Search) / Fill

Nice! I tried Ctrl+F and Shift+Ctrl+F, but oddly enough I didn’t think of Alt! =)

Oh my god, thank you. I just got on to deal with this same issue. Some of the tutorials out there are based off older versions (cylinders are called tubes and whatnot). Most of it is basically the same and I know that ‘F’ does actually make edges and faces but for some reason when you have a loop of vertices selected ‘F’ does not make a face, though it does bring up a blank panel for it. Any ideas why Blender requires ALT-F in this situation? It’s always nice to know why it’s thinking like it is. Like what exactly is different about ALT-F than F despite it bringing about the same end result because F doesn’t work like it should in this situation. Also, in my case, I noticed that when ALT-F filled in the face (finally, thankfully) the edges running throughout the face seemed extremely random. It wasn’t divided in any regular way that I could tell (like simply alternating vertices across the loop)…

F = create a face
Alt+F = Fill
These are two different things, hence two different key commands

Thank you. Out of curiosity, what is the difference between filling and making a face? My guess is that it’s the number of vertices present, given the situation. I know faces can be made with three vertices and I believe four but is it that Blender doesn’t make a “face” between many vertices? If so, how many before we must use alt-f (fill) instead of f (face)? Also, what’s the difference in the end result? Can we not select the fill and manipulate it the way we would be able to with a face and it just merely exists as something between all the vertices?