Shift+G, Select Grouped -- but... // mislabeled?

The SHIFT+G function brings up a dialog that allows the user to select various things. The title of this dialog is “Select Grouped”.

I assumed from the name that operations from this dialog would be limited to a Group, either a hierarchy/parent tree, or maybe a Collection. BUT, when I use the “TYPE” option, it simply selects all the Objects (an Object is selected) in the entire Scene.

I tried making a couple Collections (since I believe there’s still some stray terminology still floating around about Groups and Collections), but it didn’t seem to make any difference, ie all Objects were Selected.

So, what’s up? Is my workflow off? Is the dialog mislabeled?

Grouped does not mean collections.
Grouped means - well - what the individual things say. “Children” selects all children of the active object, “parent” selects the active objects parent and “Collection” selects all objects that are in the same collection as the active object. If the active object is in several collections another list pops up and you can chose which collection you mean.

Type does not mean object but data type. Mesh is a type, camera is a type, light is a type, curve is a type and so on.

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Why does TYPE select all Objects, no matter how they are Grouped?

See the edit in my last comment.