Shift + Z Render Lighting help

Hi Guys,

I’m sure this is an easy fix but dont know the exact terminology to narrow down my search for a solution. So I’m hoping there’s already a previous posting with the answer.

When I hit ’ Shift + Z ’ to get the Blender / Cycles render view. I would like my object to be 100% illuminated.

The best I can do at the moment is to keep relocating the default lamp to light up my object from diffrent angles.


Example below:

I do not quite understand your problem …:confused:

The shortcut Shit + Z under Cycles allows to render preview (display render preview) so the preview is also influenced by your lights (no lights, no lighting …)

Set World Surface to White.

Hi Guys, thank you both for the replys.

burnin. Setting the world surface to white / another colour has helped. Thanks! :smiley: