I have been working on a racing game for a while called SHIFT.

Wondering why it’s called SHIFT? All of the cars have manual transmissions. It has pretty realistic driving. You actually press the clutch before you shift.
The cars have scripts controlling the RPMs relative to speed and the current gear. There is also a script controlling the speed based on RPMs and current gear. It it very realistic, but at the same time, VERY hard to program.
I have 3 numbers in 2 different scripts (that will later be combined into 1 script) that I have to very carefully fine-tune to get realistic gear ratios. This is actually works extremely well, but as I said before, Its VERY hard to do.



Looking good and I can’t wait to play it!
You should add an interior view with a moving steering wheel for max reality.

I might want some help on some things. I’m not really sure what, but now that I’m this far in the programming (I never thought I would get this far) I am positive that I can make this into a full scale game.
Except for the AI. That is the only thing I will need major help on. I know it is extremely difficult to do AI for racing games, and I dont want the crappy little “follow the empties” opponents.
But I don’t need to worry about that for a while, so I’ll probably just focus on the car programming and racetracks.

Alright. I can help on scenery modeling. I have lots of signs and stuff, plus lots of buildings.

this could make a good car sim. :wink:

Sounds pretty sweet! The cars look good. How many cars will you have in the game?

I’ve got my car picked out, when do I get to drive it?

Thanks. I think I’ll probably have at least 10 cars to choose from. You will have to unlock them though. It’s gonna take a long time to model that many cars

Neonstarlight, I don’t know when I will have a demo ready. It will probably be in a few weeks. I want to make a whole track and the menu and everything before I release a demo.

ill probably be able to help with the AI

So far, the speed and shifting is pretty realistic. All I went by when I made the tachometer and gears was the top speed of the F40 (a little over 200 MPH). So I set the F40 up so that the top speed is a little over 200.

Then I found out that the F40 can do a quarter mile in a little under 12 seconds. So, just for fun, I decided to try my F40 out to see how close to 12 seconds it does a quarter mile in. So I made a quarter mile track in blender ( to scale) and timed myself driving the F40. I got up to around 130 - 140 MPH and I got the quarter mile in 11.5 seconds!
So I guess that the F40’s speed is about as realistic as its ever gonna get

ok cool. I’ll finish the player car scripts and then start an AI script that has auto shifting. Then you could start on the AI if you want to help.

I modeled the landscape and road of the first track. The whole scene with track and car is < 2k poly and the framerate dropped to 40-50. I have a slow computer, but I think this is a little crappy. The track isn’t dynamically lit and only the road has a texture and I disabled collisions on the faces that don’t need it. And rasterizer takes up 85% of the resources.
even if I can get the FPS back up to 60, this game will DEFINITELY not run fast enough for AI cars.

Looking Great :cool:
really looking foward to hearing more about it.
Any progress on the enviroment / scenery for the game?

What Graphics card do you have? Wether the game can run fast with decent graphics depends on the GPU.

My graphics card…
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU
64 MB memory
my computer is from like '03 i think so yeah

But that’s kinda screwed up. I don’t know why the framerate would drop after only 2k poly. Usually I can get a 10k poly scene to run fine on my computer

So Blender needs more optimizations, but regardless that’s not a good setup there.

You can get a really powerful machine for under 2000 dollars, think quad core, 2 gigs or more of RAM and a GeForce 8800 GT or up.

i’m 14 and my dad’s not gonna buy a new computer. Sucks:(

I’m having a problem. I just installed a new driver for my graphics card.

Everything works fine except blender. Anything that uses an image texture shows up as black. I reloaded the textures and I even reinstalled blender and it’s still hapenning. Any ideas why? I don’t want to have to do a system restore to get blender to work again.

Where did you download the new driver?

The Nvidia ones tend to work very well. But I don’t think they even support your card anymore.

Too bad your dad won’t buy you a new computer, unless you can come up with computer money.

get a new card. I got one that works with blender for $44. nivida ge 8400

i didn’t know that they were that cheap. did you install it yourself?

yep. but you gotta make sure you got the right connection on the MB.

ba, I found it for $54 here.
but heres a cheaper one. better also, higher up in the series. $50.