Shifted to right on iPad?

OK, lately I have noticed it’s shifted to the right with blank space. Any idea why this is happening? I can refresh and it seems to correct the issue.

After I refresh

Confirmed via Firefox’s Responsive Design Mode.

Perhaps a recent updated fixed some CSS issues?

I’m traveling right now but will put this on my todo list.

Any chance you looked into this? Only happens on this site. Other sites that use discourse doesn’t seem to have this issue. Seems to only happen when iPad is vertical.

Not yet, sorry.

I just tested this on an iPad Mini (the only one I have) and I don’t see this. Which model do you use?

IPad Pro 9.7-inch Model A1673

Something else I noticed today is the “Blender News” overlapping.

Ah, nice catch! But in your screenshot the page is no longer shifted as it was before?

That was after I refreshed. It only does it when you come from another site.

You can still see it does it.

The overlapping still seems to be a thing.