shifting an object's coordinates

I have an object that was modeled with the center slightly offset from local 0 on the Y axis (don’t ask). I want to recenter the object’s local Y axis on the actual center of the object so that when I align multiple objects relative to the global coordinates they all line up correctly. Anyone know of a way to offset an object by an arbitrary amount on it’s local planes so that the center of the local coordinates is at the true center of the object?

press g, then y then 0 on the num pad :slight_smile:

That will center the object’s current local coordinate system with the global. What I’m trying to do is shift the local coordinate system to align with the true center of the model.

Imagine having a sphere that you modeled, then realized you made the model with the center of the local coordinate system offset from the center of the sphere on the Y axis. How could you adjust that coordinate system, or the object itself, so that the origin of the coordinate system is dead center of the sphere, so that when you did do the G, Y, 0, it would actually move the object so that the center of it was aligned with the global Y axis at 0?


You want to try the Center, Center New and Center Cursor buttons in the Editing window.

thanks! I’ll give it a shot tonight!

that did the trick! thanks!

I have a similar question, I have joined several meshes together to form one object and now the origin is not in the center. I tried Center New, but did not help. Is it different for joined objects, and is there a fix? Thank you.

Try center to cursor and place the cursor where you want your new center to be.

Thanks for the reply, but I dont know exactly where center of object is- precisely. Thats the problem. I want to find exact center of the object because I still have blueprints up which are centered, and I want the model to sit right above it. I dont even know how the model got moved.

@ Chris32 - As per your description of your problem - I guess you want to have the center of the joined meshes at the place where is the center of ALL selected meshes before joining (it disappears after the joining cause the NEW object takes the center of the currently [last] selected object). Soooooo… before the join - with ALL objects to join selected hit SHIFT+S then select appropriate option (Cursor–>Selection) to to move the Cursor at the center of those objects. It will disappear after the join so you need to keep the position somehow :wink: Then - join the objects by CTRL+J to get 1 object. Then in “Mesh” panel hit the “Center cursor” button and you’re done! :slight_smile: