Shifting Grid Topology Keys - Interactive Samplers

For what is worth here is my lastest effort on laying down some Topology concepts.

Very very nice topology knowledge base.

Is it possible to save this flash stuff locally?

Thanks for sharing!

Incredible presentation!

Quite a few great topology tips, bookmarked :slight_smile:

looks awesome, and very useful! :slight_smile:

Thanks! well done!

Dang it, just when you think you’re starting to understand topology…

Impressive. Bookmarked.

Nice work! Some topology techniques in that lot which wouldn’t have readily occurred to me. Thanks for making this.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Yes, I’ve put a download link now.
For general purposes, you can post an url at and will give you the links to download the contents of a page.


Both the online and offline versions appear blank to me, I tried with Chrome and Opera and my Flash is up-to-date. Could that work as a .pdf, maybe ?

Thanks, excellent job!
It will remain on my desktop FOREVER!

sorry, nothing to see here