Shin fron Trickstyle

Well i’m making an animated short based on the game Trickstyle (including @ndy and Natron), hoping to get it done in a month or so. At the moment i’ve modelled the first racer Shin in the last night or 2, he’s almost ready to go. Any comments will be helpful =)

Expect part one of the short movie soon =)

Awsome work… :o

one of the best I have seen in a long time 8)


Well… for being shiny it is shiny :slight_smile:

Very cool chracter. Aren’t legs too thin and short for him?


ztonzy: thanks dude =D

S68: hmm, well it was proportioned right to scale, maybe its angle, or i need to tweak some anatomy, i’ll work on that thanks =)

Also i’m going for the stylised LW type look with this, so thus the shinyness, i know its far from real but i wanna try and give that very crisp look as i beleive its fitting to the game =)

Bastards! You 2 always come here and post stuff that makes the rest of us look bad. Go somewhere else and post this stuff and leave us crappy modelleres alone for a change! :wink:

Stunning work! Just great stuff. I agree with Stefano on the leg issue. They do appear to be a little short.


Thanx BgDM =D

as for the legs another theory could be the big shoes as is popular with the trickstyle game, i think because of this the legs look shorter, i’m sure once he hops on the hoverboard, which will be in abotu 70% of the anim it should look ok, fingers crossed.

OMG [!] NEO [!]
you make everyone feel small and dumb, including me…
[nice hoverboard :P]

NOTE: @ndy made the board which rocks the whole render, so its all him :wink:

you a badass mofo, NEO & @ndy :wink:

Kickass work- is the shine blender too?

Very cool character, something like anim or X-Men. :o

Great! Just wonderful, you finally think you’ve found some unique idea and then @ndy and NEO come along and produce some wonderful stuff so you have to think of a new project… DAMNIT! :<

j/k Great work man.


Your Best work yet Neo!! dude thats amazing!!!

and @ndy…Nice stylish board dude :smiley:

Thanx Ace, i’m Glad you like it =D

me feels loved