Shina the Hyena

Hi folks

This is my entry for the stylized animal challenge over at threedy forums. This version is slightly different than the image I submitted as my final.

Hope you guys dig it…


My day has now officially been good.

wow, nice cartoon style I like most with all details needed, really great one!


I dig it :slight_smile:

Wow! Husam that’s really cool. If he were one of my characters, I would be very happy with that.:slight_smile: Is he fully rigged?

Thank you guys for passing by.

No he is modeled straight into that pose to save time, 'cause I decided to participate in that challenge a bit late :o


What a Nice animal you made. UV may be very complicated?
The tongue is looking real. A Very very good and detailed animal.

Is this textured or are these materials to get that smooth paint like feel? If material how did you achieve the smooth transitions?

haha, looking good! :slight_smile:

Nope, he’s not uv unwrapped either :eyebrowlift:

I used a toon shader, which is very nifty and gives a tremendous control over the transition
between lit and shaded areas. For this piece I cranked up the ‘Smooth’ and ‘Reflection’
parameters to their extreme value. I also used a size of about 1.4.
Hope that helps!


I dig it! Very cool, 5 stars!