Hi, everyone! Here’s my latest short made with Blender.

Here’s the video link at Vimeo >

Nice look.

Is that your original character, or was it derived from one of the posted ones? It looks a little like a mix between the red nelb and ink man.

Thanks! He’s my original character. You can see more of him on my gallery at deviantart > and some of his history images.

Very cool, it has a nice warm feel to it.

beautiful piece of animation. Very eye catching and warm. Like the music and the green like fire. Also the blur goes well. Nice work.:slight_smile:

Awesome work man! I love your style! And thanks for the email address… :smiley: I am looking forward to possibly chatting with you (i use gmail too)


Thanks! I’m glad you liked the green fire there as I was having trouble whether to go for that color or something else. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yay! Hehe! Thanks so much! ^_^’ I would love to when we both have free time.