Shinin - Short Film

Hello guys,
few days ago I finished my first longer animation - short film. And I want know your opinion. I render it with GTX 650 for 170 hours, but there is still noise… So please excuse it.

I don’t know why you put these weird barrels everywhere. Video is very dark. Maybe you should use Blender Internal engine if you operate on basic shapes and basic shaders with a little lightning. 170 hours?! omg

I will say interesting, but I am unsure what you wanted to transmit. What is the message behind this animation?

There is a message, but

It has to be dark, but you are right, in this case it is too much. I used reflection, emission, glass material; so I am not sure about standart render engine. Yeah, the render time is terrible. On the other hand there are about 3000 frames.