Shining like a CD?


How can I create a material in an object with properties as such that when the object spins on an animation, the object shines like a CD, changing its colors through the color spectrum? Any tips?


You’ll probably need Yafray for that, I don’t believe Blender Internal does diffraction yet. The CD would also need an anisotropic shader.

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I tink u need to look up Radial Blur

Radial blur wouldn’t do it… I think you would have to use a combination of YAFray’s diffraction and tangent shading, both of which are somewhat of a pain to use, what with UV mapping and the YAFray trial and error. I haven’t even tried diffraction yet but I downloaded a .blend from KatorLegaz of a prism with the spectrum shining through the other side. Did they talk about diffraction in BlenderArt Magazine in the rendering issue last year?

I used color ramps.

They worked relatively fine. Would colors spin in a similar way to a CD-ROM with the correct texture map? I tried with no success. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats the quick-rendering way to do it. And it actually looks pretty good.

Blender’s Internal Engine tangent shading would work great.