Shining type, and wet walls

Hi guys! it has been a LONG time since I was last on this forum, but now I come back to you because I have a problem :wink:

OK I am trying to make a 3D logo for a movie that me and my freinds are making and I want to make it so that my text actually emits light on everything else. any suggestions?

Also I would like to make the logo so it looks like it is raining does anybody have any suggestions on how I can make a wall to look wet and drippy?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Emitting light I think you can do this by using GI renderers like Yafray and Indigo, in Blender internal you need to fake it by surrounding it with lights. (use area lights with squaresize set to max for best effect)

For the drops you could model a bunch of drops above the logo then use the fluid simulator to simulate them falling and splashing, otherwise you could make flat meshes with thickness all over the logo and subsurf them to round them.

If youโ€™re wanting the kind of material that would leave trails of wet dew on the logo then you can make a UV map, make a blank texture in the UV editor, use texture paint to paint the dew trails in black, save the texture and load it in the image editor, calculate the alpha using the calc alpha button and turn its color slider down almost all the way.