Shin's Mecha series

I’ve been slowly work on a Gundam model over the past month. Don’t always have free time. I’m looking to make a Mecha versus animation series. I’m still new to this and I’m learning as I go, so full on animation will be later.

This is what I’ve got so far. It’s fully rigged with basic toon shader. I still need to add more to the model. I need to add the basic panel lines and all the words, extra details.

I still go back and forth on how I want to color everything. Do I want to stay toon shader or go a more painted texture way. Every time I decide on what to use, I change my mind.

Ignore the awful ground and background, just a placeholder. I’m working on buildings and a city with cars.


Here are some buildings. The buildings don’t have a toon shader. They’re just painted textures. Do you think it looks strange? Should I keep the painted textures or make them with a toon shader. I also took off freestyle lines on the buildings since I think it would take forever to render. What’s your opinion?


The mech seems awesome, and I would say that you should stick to the same style, so if you are going with took shader then all should be done like that, maybe you can leave the nodes for both and only connecting one to the final render ( as in having everything set for a non cartoon look and other nodes setup for a more took look) hope you keep it going. Happy blender

The Gundam looks really good so far. If you wanted to, I’m pretty sure you could combine a toon shader with painted textures. That way you can show the Gundam taking damage as a battle progresses by replacing the textures as needed.

The buildings, however, looks exceedingly out of place. I would try adding outlines to the buildings like your Gundam and experiment with the textures you’re using. Use the anime as reference to see how you could make the buildings look more like they belong in the scene with your characters.

If you are worried about render times, you should look into baking shadows and light maps into your scenery. I think that would help reduce render times if you don’t need the lighting and shadows to change on your scenery.

I’ve been trying to add textures to a color ramp, but it’s not working so good. No easy to get working correctly, so still trying. Yeah I agree the building do look a little out of place. But strange enough, that is how it is in anime. Normally the backgrounds don’t use and lines. Normally all painted. But I’m gonna play around with it some more.