Shiny coins.


Just a small work I did for my company’s partner portal. We needed an eye catcher for an article about our new products and how to make money selling them :D. It was decided to show product photos and place shiny Euro coins between them.

I used a dummy model of the product to get the reflections on the coins (see below) and put them into the product photo. I know that the Euro coins are too shiny but I wanted them to look like gold :).

I hope you like it.


The render image (with dummy devices):

The final image:

Good work as always. So do you blend professionally?

Yes I like it a lot but, as you said, it isn’t really very realistic. But the setting is quiet right and the model/texuring is good.

It’s fun to be able to use blender for other purposes than for fun, like for companies or friends. In our town is a, how do I call it in english, a cinema but then in a old building and with lots of cult films. In dutch it is called FilmHuis (MovieHouse in english) and I work there with other men, and we show the movies. Before every movie there is a short powerpoint presentation showing the next couple of movies. Now I have created a short movie that can be easily changed for every movie to show before every movie. It is quiet nice and I had some nice reactions.

Sorry for the long story… :frowning:

It’s a good clip-art style.

Nice gold touch to those coins, but the tops don’t look as golden as the sides.

I hope u mean the edging around the silver part there,

I think there Euros, but cant be certain as I cant see them very clearly lol, very nice work m8, :smiley:

First of all, thank you very much! It’s good to see that very small works attract some interest, too.

NQE1: Yes, I’m working in the Internet-Team of AVM, a company for communication hardware in Berlin, Germany. I’m producing and editing the graphics for our websites and our press photos. Everytime I need a graphic for something we don’t have on photo, I have to create it. Due to the fact that I’m a huge fan of Blender for my private 3D projects, I chose it as my application at work, too. It’s fast and fits to my needs.

Roger: It’s good to hear that you found a stage for your Blender works, too. I think you learn so much by presenting your work to people and getting feedback.

sundialsvc4: Thanks, that’s exactly what I was aiming at.

Kansas_15: Hehe, yes - they are Euro coins :D.

Dsaber: Right you are (see above) ;). Thanks!