Shiny metal can without raytracing

Hi everybody, I need a practical help.
I working in this model for a fake commercial. I would like to use for animation purpose so has to be fast in rendering.

In the material I apply Tangent vector shading and this is the results. It seems like the top is divided in two parts (maybe cause I modelled the top with mirror modifier and then applied to mesh, but I recalculate all normal and without tangent looks normal).

In the first model for the top I use a bump map, but after a while I decided to model the surface because I want to stay close with camera in some shots and I want to animate the “opening”. The first model doesn’t have this problem…

Any suggestion?

(if needs I can post the blend file)

I tried disabling certain render feature to achieve a faster render time. In the end I had to abandon the quick render for a non-anomaly final render (see thread
It may work for you as you do not have multiple objects overlapping each other in camera field of view.

I don’t know what is going on with the Tangent shading. However, if you want non-raytraced reflections, you can set an Image texture mapped To Refl coordinates and you get the following effect:

wow, both of those look great :smiley: dunno how to fix, but good work :smiley:

there is a way yo sdimulate bright metal and no texture
only mirror and shaders effects

if your itnerestested i’kk give you the recipie
let me know

Also, If you are planning to use an image map to fake reflections, I strongly advise using a Hdr map, as the results will be much more realistic.

Goooood idea! Thanks!!!