Shiny Metal Texture (Chrome)

I want to know what would be good values to make a metal texture that is very shiny such as chrome and can come out like chrome.

go to this site and search the database for metal

you’ll find chrome or othere shiny metal


The problem with shiny material is that you need reflections to make them really life like. In order to get good reflections you either need a scene that you can reflect or you need a reflection map which is a image (prefereably a hdri) that is mapped to reflection color.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the diffuse color needs to be lowered when you push up the reflection using raymirror. The reason is fairly simple a material that is highly reflective has almost no diffuse color as it relfects all the light back to the observer. I always try to lower the diffuse so that it adds up with raymirror to 1 but this is more of a rule of thumb for me and I always end up tweaking the value until it looks good.