Shiny Metal

Does anyone know how to make a mesh appear to be a shiny metal, such as chrome?? Have tried playing on my own with materials, but have not gotten the result that I want.

Thanks so much!

Using a toon diffuse shader is the easiest way to do it on your own, but you can also go to and follow the links for some substantial material presets libraries.

Set the ref. slider all the way down for chrome and chrank up the raymirror slider almost all the way. Also set the specularity all the way up and turn up the hardness.

For a good chromy effect it should have an environment to reflect.

He’s right. This is an effective way to make chrome, but it can be improved. If you want to create a chrome object without the need to construct an environment, take a picture (it can be of anything). Then make the photo greyscale. Load it as a texture. After that, go to the map input settings and click the ‘ref’ button. Oh, and turn off reflections.

That’s true too, But as I read in a topic where such a thing was done it may not be all that accurate in animations. Plus you could use something like a procedural texture or blend procedural to give the illusion it reflects an environment. Look in the finished projects section for a topic labled old school Blender shader by BgDM or something similar.

Thank you all for your help!

Dragon–Your instructions above did the trick! I’m still gawking at the nice reflections! :wink: