Shiny New Gear

This gear is obviously yet unused.
Yet to do:

  1. Add some scratch marks (like to the teeth)?
  2. Add some “stamped” text to the gear <-- cool !
  3. Maybe add some stamped rings like on outer edge, etc. for more
    interesting variety.


BEVEL BEVEL BEVEL!!! Hehe, sorry about that. But I think you should bevel the top, but only a slight bit. The edges look so sharp that any engineer or mechanic that touched it would get a nasty cut on his hand. But other than that its nicely done!!!

Nice job. Gear looks . What method did you use for the chrome like reflection? Dupliframes?


Hey I totally forgot all about the bevel feature of blender.
WIll do ! I left the manual at home so that’s why I didnt remember.

The Chrome reflection:

The Chrome is completely fake. It is a chrome reflection map image. It’s basically just a chrome reflection bitmap applied to the texture and moved around until it looked good. sheepish grin


And it looks very good.

Cool. Nice job.

Re: chrome being fake, all 3D chrome is fake as in not real chrome, so don’t feel bad about using an image map whatever works and looks good is a-ok. Sometimes it is an image map, sometimes env maps, sometimes a combination of each all depends on the object and the project. Nice gear by the way.

Ok, I haven’t gotten the bevel done yet, but I changed the texture on the top of the gear ( more just plain brushed metal ) and added some stamped text.

I think this actually looks very realistic now. The only thing I can’t figure out yet is the center hole just seems off, even though I know it’s not. I mean it seems off compared to the stamped text ring. Maybe it’s just a lighting issue.

Well, check it out anyway:

That looks even better!!!

lookin good. 8)

Great work!

Are you aware of the “Grinder” python script? There are tutorials on how to use it as well at:

This is very useful if you want two gears of different diameters but matching teeth sizes.



Wow, nice site there - I never knew anyone was so into gears. Yep, the involute profile is what I was shooting for.

It’s so much easier to make gears in Blender then to try and mill them…heheh

I like your signature, you sound like a very interesting person :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your comments so far


I like the new texture on the top and the stamped text. Very nice improvement. But I did notice something that I missed before. The shadow underneath the gear is circular instead of following the gears.
You might want to fix that but my main question is how did you do that?
Anyway very nice gear very realistic.


niko! oh i remember your name from somewhere! its so familiar, were u back at the forums??

anyhoo, great gear! that stamp is perfect… i agree, a bevel would look astonishing, hurry =D


Yes, its me, nikolatesla20, from the old forums. I couldn’t fit the 20 on because there appears to be a size limit on the name or something.

Yes, the shadow underneath, I thought about trying to get it to follow more. The reason it doesn’t is because I am using “Global Illumination”, basically like 20 or so spotlights that shine unto the subject all at once, and all have low power and soft shadow. That way you get a nice global light and nice soft shadows, it looks more professional.

But I know it doesn’t have any of the gear’s shape. Maybe all I need to do is lower the softness of the shadows some. It’s a pain tho because just rendering takes a while because of so many spotlights, there are a lot of light calcs. going on. Takes like almost 2 to 3 min or more just for 640x480 even.

AS for the BEVEL, well I have to find a useful technique of doing so yet, Blender doesn’t have it built in, and its all a pain grr…

Thanks for the feedback so far !


niko, heres what u do… in edit mode, from front view, select the top line of vertices, and extrude them up a tiny bit… do the same to the bottom, extruding down a tony bit… then hit subusrf =)

Very cool,

to bevel it will be uneasy, Blende does not have a bevel feature :slight_smile:

Probably you should bevel the single tooth and re-create the gear…

For the soft illumination it is great, to have better shadow maybe you can rise the BufSiz to max (if not already there) and adjust ClipStart


re the shadow. One way to add a better shadow in a GI scene is to use a shadow only spot. That way you add no light but can control the shadow more. I’ve used this method on GI and Radiosity scenes.

Seriously cool gear Nikolatesla!

LOL, I never knew that an ordinary chrome gear could make u such a big fuss LOL! :smiley:

Anyway, really cool gear, keep going, and go bevel it :smiley:

Hey nt20!

Welcome back! :smiley:

I’d been wondering where you had dissappeared off too! Hope everything was ok?

Cool looking gear. For the shadow problem try adding 1 single ‘shadow only’ spot, as Paradox suggested, with high samples, highish softness and low bias. and use that to cast a more accurate shadow without affecting your current lighting set-up! I think it should work. I think… :-?
If it fails (because your other lights are still overpowering the shadow), put your ‘floor’ onto another layer, switch on the layer settings in all your lamps, put the shadow-only lamp on the same layer as the floor and shift-move your gear onto the floor layer so it exists on both layers (and therefore affected by all lamps). I also think this should work…

Either way , very nice gear, especially the scratched steel look on the top face. :smiley: