Shiny Newell Teapot (update)

Everything created in Blender 2.48a.
Teapot Primative script by Scorpius
Buildings script by Jimmy Haze/Others.


ROFL, monkey flavored coffee!!! :smiley: If Blender advertised, this would be great. (Or do they advertise? I’ve never seen it… I guess they don’t have a reason to if it’s free.)

Maybe a different texture on the teapot, make it look like metal or clay, instead of plastic.

Well it is bright for sure.

The materials look okay, but exactly what is this supposed to be, I see buildings and two very overused object types (the monkey and teapot).

The hard shadows need to be a bit softer too.

Don’t be a hypocrite, man. :no:

I’m just saying it just doesn’t strike me as much as many of his other works, he has the capability of making fairly decent pictures, this…I just don’t feel for as much as his other works. Look at his avatar, he rendered some nice eye candy there.

but… 3dsmax will cook blender? :frowning:

CD, It’s just a simple image.
To break the monotony of testing scripts.
In fact the base material for the teapot is randomly created by a script also.
The hard shadows are needed for definition of the text shadows.
Also with such harsh bright lighting, they are needed.
Yippee, I’m glad you got a laugh. It was the intention.
Endi, Ha Ha, Finally I got the best thing about Max interface into Blender.

concept extension.


Really it’s a great concept for an ad. :wink:

it is a fun little concept.

Its obviously Monkeys coming out of a frickin tea pot…That was hard to figure out…hurt my head i thinked to hard

But…Its really good… I like the new picture with Suzanne like a normal map and the teapot old and crusted!!! haha!
Great work