Shiny Screws revisited (due to render improvements) PS:Heavy

For those in here that know me over time - knows this scene, I made it a
few years back - and I use it to test the render-improvements when
major new versions are out. With the recent additions of filters…and
for some months ago…less artifacts in raytracing mirrors…things have
changed a bit - a lot less artifacts. What do you think?

It was rendered with the Internal Renderer 2.40. AO = 16, OSA = 16
2 Hours 22. minutes on an AMD XP2500 under Linux. Filter: Catmull-Rom.

Very nice JoOngle, nothing more to say :slight_smile:

w0rd i love it :slight_smile:

Very nice, especially for a testing scene :P. Maybe you could try the new physic to make the screws stack perfectly? On the other hand they are already well placed (by hand I imagine). Good work :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe it’s just that my expectations have risen, but from what I can remember that picture doesn’t look tremendously different from the original.

how about a side by side comparison so we can really see the difference? :]

Thanks guys.

Well - I do have an older version (heavily post-pro´ed from the days
when there was a lot of artifacts)…and guess what…you can still
see a lot of artifacts on the even smaller image:

The first thing I thought about when lookin’ at that image was…

I didn’t know that it was possible to push blenders internal render this far!

I think the coloration on the old one looks more realistic. It isn’t perfect metal.

IMO, the screws are too shiny. It makes them look like that cheap shiny plastic that’s on bad car models.
I would make the spec a bit harder, and make it less shiny. If you want to make this more that just a testing scene, add a texture with some stuff on it, so they aren’t so perfect like that. Maybe even some nicks or scratches on some.

Still, it looks awesome, and the model is very precise. I love it. :smiley:

Looks good, and better than the previous.

However did I miss something with the whole catmull-rom thing. I’m assuming it wasn’t in the most recent release (yesterday) or was it? Care to enlighten me.