Shiny Sword

(BgDM) #1

Hay gang. Back from a crappy weekend and thought I would post something.

I’ve had this on my comp for a while but couldn’t get it to look right. Finally got the lighting the way I wanted this morning.

There are 6 “Layer Only/Shadow Only” spots on the sword to get some of the colours and some shadows. Also, there are a couple of lamps and 2 more shadow spots to light the sword for the final render. The shimmers are single verts with halo applied.


(Bapsis) #2

Dude…that is sweet!!!
As usual im TOTALLY envious of your great chroming abbilities!!! I’m going to have to re-read your tute, re-re-re-read it if nessisary, but i promise you this, im going to catch up to you!!! hehe :wink:
Awsome work man, keep it up and i’ll look forward to seeing more of your work. Later bro!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #3

Hey Bapsis, thanks for the comment man. QActually, there are no envmaps on this at all. Just image maps applied with the Reflect channel for mapping. You just apply the texture the same way as the envmap with the COL slider turned down, etc.


(LohnS) #4

WOW! great modelling, great texturing, great lighitng, great stuff! =D

(S_W) #5

Oh god! I’m blind! The metal was too shiny! :wink:

(CurtisS) #6

Sweet! Very stylish. Great reflections (though is it reflecting the right environment?).

Any chance of smoothing out the lower part of the blade? The reflection shows that the mesh (or curve?) needs a couple of subdivisions.

(BgDM) #7

CurtisS: The reflecting image is just a regular image texture. Not even sure what it was. So is it reflecting the right environment, not sure exactly.

I know that there is some errors in the mesh on the blade. That is the problem when using reflections, all your imperfections show up. Oh well, not worried about it on this one. I consider it done.


(heli) #8

This is really cool… where is there a tutorial to do such cool chrome?
I want to do an axe and other weapons, this will really rock.


(BgDM) #9

Hi there heli!

Here is a link to a tute that I made for making envmaps in blender to get that chrome look you are looking for:

It is a .pdf file, (hope you can use it), that explains everything you need. If you have any questions, just PM me here and I can try and help.


(snailrose) #10

Hey…that totaly rocks!
One thing though, correct me if I’m wrong,
the tip of the sword looks a little off…
Great pic :smiley:


(BgDM) #11

One thing though, correct me if I’m wrong,
the tip of the sword looks a little off…

Yeah, it does a little bit. I intended this NOT TO BE a stabbing type of sword. I wanted it to be more of a slashing type. That is why I made the end like that. I can see your point though.


(rixtr66) #12

chrome is cool!!! most excellent use of alternate mapping techniques.
very shiny and well done .im not worthy,im not worthy :wink:


(Avatar) #13

It’s really nice, but i think it is a little bit too bright…

(S68) #14

:smiley: Cool sword…

my 2 EuroCents is that chrome is great but it is funny to see the reflection of what looks like a outdoor environment and a pitch black background :wink: