"Shiny Toy demo" by eiffie

Hi all, another impressive demo made by a great coder: Eiffie. The demo combine the ray-marching and global illumination, all what you see is procedurally generated (i like the helicopter reflection on the car). Its not really interactive but you can control the time with spacebar for slowmotion effect.

and the blend Pathmarching Shiny Toy demo V2.blend (481 KB)

Woow !!!:eek:
This is too good to be true!!

No doubts the demo is impressive, it would be good to have more informations about it and the tecniques that are used…

That really is impressive. For me though, it was far too laggy, however when I changed the Always sensor’s positive trigger rate to 5 or higher, I had VERY comfortable results. I would recommend everyone try it that way.

Wow great! Actually disabling the Always sensor tics gave me 60 fps at the viewport’s resolution instead of the 2 fps with it set to positive.

Now hoping for a more flexible shader pipeline where it’s possible to generate this type of shaders from existing scene data.

Wow jackii your right, it was applying the path tracing filter every frame!

Yeah , thanks for the tips, its better now, you can change the rays value in the code for less noisy(i’ve tried 32 rays with 1.2 fps result).
for more information about pathtracing, raymarching, procedural content creation… some good links

Very cool. :slight_smile: Shame these GLSL scripts can’t be used outside of the BGE yet but hopefully it’ll come. Hopefully.

On the contrary. It is just a fragment shader. You can use it (with minor alterations) in any program that works with GLSL fragment shaders…including arbitrary OpenGL applications.

I made this into a simple benchmark, if anyone is interested. Look at the terminal window for your results.


shiny toy benchmark.blend (491 KB)