Shiny Watch


At first I just wanted to create something quick, to keep the GPU busy while I’m not at the computer. But you know how that works… more details come into play… and it takes longer than intended. :rolleyes:

Cycles Render with Blender 2.62
3000 samples, 16 bounces
Rendertime something like 60 minutes.
GPU: GTX 550Ti :confused:

I even created a video. :smiley:

To watch in 720p at YouTube use this link:

or embedded:



Really nice! If you hadn’t told me you made it, I would have thought it was real.

Thanks McThingy!
Well, I rendered a close-up of the lower section of the watch.

To watch in 720p at YouTube take this link:

or embedded:


Nice work. Is the bloom effects on the reflections done in the render or was that in post?

Thanks NoelB! :slight_smile:
It’s done by Blender directly after the render as a post effect. I’ll attach my simple node setup.
Everytime I do post effects, I save the pure render output as well, in case I like to use it to show the changes.