ship at sunset

i just started this scene yesterday

i’m not satisfied with the ship yet, it needs some work
and i’m not sure if the sunset looks realistic enough


how did you do the water reflections?

@ annoyer707

  • add a plane
  • add a texture (i used cloud and marble)
  • scale the texture down so you get smaller “waves”
  • turn off the “col” button in the tab “map to” in the “material” tab
  • turn on the “nor” button in thesame tab
  • eventualy change the normal value (i didn’t do that, cuz it only made it look verry
  • set ray mirror to 1.000 (maximum)
  • make the plane a little bit transparent (i played around with that, i have set the
    alpha to 0.890 now)

hope that was clear :slight_smile:

this looks good sir
maybe you could look at this page
and see what the guy has done for his water, this is like my second day on blender, i’m just try’na help.

Your off to a good start. One problem is that the hull of the ship is way to blocky. It should have more of a curve to it and be more smooth.

:eek:my dad just came up with loads of magazines all explaining how to build a boat like this, in every freaking detail, i guess i better take a look at that :yes:

woow, that water is awsome

@Mr. Jameson
i guess you’re right, so i added some smooth