Ship bridge [ lighting problems ]

Hey Everyone,

Just working on my hobby project of many years and the fancy new rendering stuff (which is really nice). The problem I’m having though is that I’m getting glowing white surfaces in small spaces where the AO should be making it dark :frowning:

I tried checking the normals, didn’t help, any other suggestions?

Is it possibly the environment lighting setting for ‘white’? I tried a few cubes in array, and that setting got me some white glow, but I don’t have the scene with that many different surfaces.

maybe the setting for ‘multiply’ in the AO instead of ‘add’

ah… I had the indirect lighting bounces set to 2.
I tried it on 1 and it looks a lot better…

Btw, here are some test renders (bg pics photoshopped in) :

Any tips about getting rid of those white dots?