Ship building - Prerendered 3d Game model

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all in blender

3d model and textures: Rafał Urbański
Concept: Gaëlle Mazallon


(Anthony C) #2

This is really cool looking, will there be more?

(ShadowCamero) #3

Great job! I love this kind of stuff. :slight_smile:

(spec24) #4

Was this built for a specific game? Really like the style!

( #5

Thanks guys :wink:

It was created just for fun.

Anthony: Nope. This was just created for fun. It wasn’t part of any set of buildings etc.

(Anthony C) #6

Well if you ever change your mind a little village in this style would look awesome.
I am almost inspired to finish my little village…almost. lol

(elbriga) #7

really amazing, very nice color palette, I just love how the nails show that it’s a miniature!

(shahzaib78631) #8

Wow amazing

(Safetyman) #9

This is really great. Can you share your render/texture settings? Great work!

( #10

Thanks guys!

It is not that complex (just 2 lights, no nodes)

(Sérgio Pinto) #11

awesome, greate details.

( #12

Thank you!

(Anthony C) #13

Top row, congratulations.

(starplayer) #14

Very good stuff

( #15

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

(Janneman) #16

That’s very cute, great concept.

(Androol) #17

I love it.

(RockyMadio) #18

It looks so cute! I especially like isometric models.

(jsmain) #19

This is Awesome!

(RealityFox) #20

Can you give a quick explanation of how you modelled the brick and the wood for it? I really dig the style.