Ship Duel

(TurboG) #1

Ok. I started working on this a few days ago. The ship model looks pretty descent I think, I just need to get the textures done. I will make them be moving realy fast for the final version. Right now they’re stationary. I have a good smoke and explosion graphic set up and I plan to have the ship start spinning and smoking, and in the end go up in a great big explosion :smiley:

The link is

this link works ! TY Sgt. Squeaks for hosting it!
Also, the stuff I talked about doing I did :slight_smile: tell me whatcha think!

(TurboG) #2

Oh yea… If the link doesnt work go to my website (see TurboGraphics in my sig) and its the bottom entry (above News)

(TurboG) #3

Is the link working for anyone? I gonna try re-uploading it cause it seems like there a problem.

(Ecks) #4

yea it doesn’t work…

(TurboG) #5

DARN IT! It works on my computer (the file, not link) and I upload and have URL and everything correct…anyone out there willing to host my Movie for a while if I send it to them?

(SGT Squeaks) #6

i would when I get home. I have plenty of webspace at but I dont get home for 2 and a half hours. oh, and how large is it? I would be uploading it with a 56k so that kind of matters.

(TurboG) #7

546kb. It was 108 but I finished it now. If you think it’s Ok Email me at [email protected] and I can send it to you (or post E-Mail here if you feel comfortable). Thanks Either way

(SGT Squeaks) #8

ya I would be willing to host it. But once again I am at work so I can’t until I get home in three hours. And I will email you so you will know where to send it.

(SGT Squeaks) #9

ok its uploaded!!! I couldn’t get it to play because I didnt have to codex. I wish I could see it. But anyways here is it!!! oh, and tell me if it works anyone.

(TurboG) #10

TY SO much! It works! You should get DivX however (Not for my video, cause thats how nearly all of them are). I got it and was like “wow! I can finaly see all these awsome videos!”

Ok…Now that my movie works, what do you guys think?

(humphrey) #11

Maybe you could jsut upload the .blend file… It’s probably quicker to download the .blend and render than it is to download… stupid 56k!!!

Also… I’m using os x, and I can’t play the avi. I have the same problem when I render as avi jpg. Does anyone know where I can find a player for that format of avi??