Ship Graveyard (Cycles)

I’m always trying to learn and push myself while sharpening my skills so this project was made under the mentorship of Jama Jurabaev while taking his awesome course. A great experience that I would definitely recommend as he uses Blender (a lot) these days. I just hope these days we are living don’t take us to anything close to this apocalyptic world.



Beautiful use of atmospherics and the light mate.


These are absolutely amazing! You’ve created a very mysterious atmosphere here… My favourite is personally the first one. With the searchlights, it looks like a secure facility that people are trying to break into…

Thanks a lot Gregg!

Thanks a lot for your comment, I love to know what it evokes in others!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

I think 03 could had benefited with a bit darker tone of the light in the foreground. When I first saw it my eyes naturally stopped at the large light shape, but then I was like “Ha? what am I supposed to look at”, until I saw the little characters. You tried to draw the attention with that spotlight right next to the dark shadow, but darkening the lower part of the illuminated area would help push the eye to first follow the diagonal from the voluemetric light to the characters.

Love the environment, the light rays is very nice; how did you make it?

THAT SAND! I have to take this course just for the sand.

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Beautiful work!

Simply beutiful job, delaneveart !! Seem’s like a Mad Max like mysterious site. Just feeling the dry air of that places…amazing ! Tell us, please: was done all using EEVEE only ?

Absolutely stunningly beautiful ! Well done!

Looks like the openworld game that I always wanted to play ;).

Thanks a lot Bart! :space_invader:

Thanks for the comments and taking the time Nikola!

Thank you! Painting on top the 3D

Glad you liked it!

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Thanks a lot Oli!

Thanks a lot Bruno! All Cycles for these actually!

What a nice compliment, thanks a lot! Great work your studio does by the way. Also, back in the day your cutout people were all over my student projects when I was at school for architecture :upside_down_face:

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