"Ship Heaven" -- W.I.P.

Lovely- I think.

There’s alot to be done, but for now, here is what I have-
Please tell me what you think:

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its where all the ships go after they sink or are scrapped. Really Great place. I have updated it :slight_smile:

I like it. It seems like a nice use for many of your ship models. You could do a whole series on this concept, like what do different kinds of ships like to do in the ship afterlife?

like what do different kinds of ships like to do in the ship afterlife?

Wonderful idea- I will get started on it… but for my first ‘episode’ I am doing ‘RAISE THE TITANIC!’ - A remake of the 1980 movie. That will take a long long time. ( www.raisethetitanic.com )

This pic is sort of a side-project. Did all of it (besides the ship models) in one sitting. Hope for the best- it should get alot better.

As usual, I’m blown away completely by the comoposition you have created. I like the addition of the chandaliers in your second pic.

The lighting and color are just simply magnificent.

The only suggestion I would make would be to apply some sort of texture (marble or whatever) to the walls… The pic as it is now is very imaginitive and has quite a nice “real” feel to it. The only thing that took me “out of the moment” was the blank walls…

Other than that… damn… I think I’ve found another pic to use as a wallpaper…

Cool job, man.




Cool, I like both, but better lightning & some people on the floor make the second much better.

Really good, pay attention to the chandeliers, they seems gigantic to me, some 10m diameter with 3m high candles, If I get proportions with the Titanic well :wink:


Very Nice SP! :smiley:

You just keep on getting better and better with your composition. My only crit is to get rid of the blockiness of the rafters. Subdivide them or smooth them. Looks too blocky right now.

Definitely need a texture on the walls too.

Keep us updated.


Hum…ship heaven…do scrapped BBs go to ship heaven? or to Battleship heaven? :slight_smile: