Ship leaveing planet Update "Time to Go" WIP(son a

(Darkelfv) #1

This is a image me and my dad worked on. I made the starship and he made and textured everthing else. Its not finished, were working on fixing the size of the particles for the ship.

Coments, Questions?

(gr8hamster) #2

I like. cept I think the lights from the wings of the ship might be too powerful. ya know… the ones on each side hitting the ground.

other than that little hting WOW

(Darkelfv) #3

Heres a quick update.

(iluvblender) #4

good work guys. like the texturing.

shadows are too sharp though. blurred shadows would be nice.

keep up the good work.


(Rhysy 2) #5

Just a few questions…

I’m not sure exactly what that huge orange sphere in the background is, but it looks really cool ! (as does the starship !) How did you do it ?

When oh when do we get to see an animation ??

(Darkelfv) #6

Well since we are not finished with the still the animation will take awhile, I did a test one and it looks ok but the dust doesnt move right, im trying to mess around with latices to get it to spread right. Ask paradox as to how the scene was made he did all of that. I just made the ship and adjusted the dust and particls for the ship, (which are not completly done yet).

(paradox) #7

Rhysy 2, to answer your question on the background. This scene started as another landscape picture. I have a sphere in the background and was putting a sky texture on it, When I was adjusting it, this background showed up, I thought it looked cool so I save it and fixed my background texture and finished the landscape. Then I went back to the blend with the weird texture wrapping background and started a space scene. I didn’t like the space ship I created so I asked Darkelfv to create one which I liked better then we both worked on it until we arrived where we are. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. So in short the background is a sky texture flat wrapped around an a slightly enlongated world sphere. Your mistakes can spark your imagination if you keep your eyes open.

(Detritus) #8

Looking good! But there´s noone in the cockpit(though I guess that´ll chagne since this is a WIP). Very nice job from you guys I think!

(paradox) #9

Thanks for the comments Detritus, nope no one in the cockpit yet , guess it is an intellengent ship LOL. We plan on making some just haven’t done it yet. Right now there are only some blue chairs. Still tweaking shadows and lights and textures. Working on particle effects especially the dust so it will look better in an animation, speaking of which it shows up much better in the animation because it is moving. Hard to see in the picture. More to come soon.

(ec2) #10

That is a very nice environment and the ship fits right in with all the other in our galaxy~

(S68) #11

Yup, splendid!

The orange sphere effect looks like what happens when you use CUBE mapping for a SPHERE texture, but it is very cool 8) except that the sky sphere is too low poly, hence you can see straight edges, which I like less :wink:

Keep this up


(bmax) #12

pic wont show!! :x

im really eager to see it, but wtf it wont show!

(paradox) #13

Thanks S68 , yes the background does have a problem the area around the roundish spot has straigntedges when it doesn’t in the enviroment maps, I’ll have to see if I can fix that. We’ve almost got an short avi of the ship hovering and a few changes but my son has the flu, but stayed tuned we’ll get an update up soon.

Blendermax, don’t know what the problem on the pictures not showing, checking into it. May have to move the pictures to my site. Hopefully later tonight we’ll get this corrected. And updates coming soon.

(paradox) #14

I set up a new page on my site called animations. Here you will find and update to our picture .

Also on the same page is an 390 kb Divx of the craft hovering.
Adjusted the dust and landscape textures. Still to do add bodys to ship,
work with dust a bit more. I figured out something to do with background which will show in next update. This scene is turning into something bigger. I have plans on continuing the animtion with some more scenes.
Comments are welcome.

(digitalSlav) #15

the wing clips the spot on the right side of animation but friggin cool none the less!!!

(paradox) #16

yes the wing clip is a small problem still need to adjust the particle effects to the moving ship and the lamps too. Will prob be fixed in next update. Thanks for the comments.

(Phrangkk) #17

I liked the movement of the ship as it hovered.
It really looked like it was trying to balance itself.
It looks like you may need to add an animation to your dust so it won’t pop in and out like that.
If that sounds unfamiliar, just post a reply. I think I could explain it pretty well.
Keep working on this scene!
I think it’s cool that you guys are working as team!

(I think I really like exclamation points!)

(Idgas) #18

only thing i noticed is that you can see the edges of the planet in the backround. Just click on the SetSmooth button and it should go away. Really cool pic!!! :smiley:

(gr8hamster) #19

That is really incredible. That’s all I can say. INCREDIBLE!

(paradox) #20

Thanks for the comments, many of the points mentioned are being worked on and hopefully will be fixed by the final.

  1. The edges in the planet in the background. Hmm. The planet in the background is a texture in fact the whole background is a flat wrapped texture on a globe. Thus the straight edges. This is being worked on. I added some movement of the background in a test animation and that helps some but may have to rebuild the background and make it real- working on this.
  2. dust particles poping in and out will be fixed in the final. Phrangkk wrote

It looks like you may need to add an animation to your dust so it won’t pop in and out like that.
If that sounds unfamiliar, just post a reply. I think I could explain it pretty well.

yes we would be interested in hearing your technique.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions and comments. More to come
Paradox and Darkelfv