Ship literally in construction

hi guys, this is my latest project and i dont really know what else to say apart from that the ship will become more built up over time and i will keep you updated… enjoy! :smiley: (please tell me if the image is too dark)


Might be just my screen but it looks very dark and its hard to tell what you have done.

yeah, why the heck do you make all your render so dark? :slight_smile:
From what I can see, it look spretty good, but yeah, waay too dark.

Looks great!

…can’t really see it though…

ok sorry about that, i think my moniter is quite bright


it is still pitch black… maybe you should re-calibrate your screen. Here is a homepage for quick calibration.

ok the moniter is all sorted, and here is a nice light render


Well… if that is a light render I would suggest working on your light setup. If you are aiming for a dark render where the ship lingers in the abyss I would suggest adding AO with darkblue light. This will work as bounce light and lit up the ship without making it look to bright.

ok really sorry about this guys but i never was very good at lighting. i have AO on this time…:o


you dont need AO just add a hemi light, the hemi light wont cast shadows, but it will light the scean fully

looks like a landing pad