Ship model X Y dimensions are mixed up

Bought a ship model from Turbosquid (as a blend file V 2.80) opened it in V 3.0 and scaled it to the size I want. All textures are correct BUT - the model is comprised of 7 separate objects and the dimensions of X and Y are the wrong way round in each object. Z is correct each time but for example, the hull is 30 meters long on the X axis and 7.84 Meters wide on the Y axis as measured on the screen, yet the dimensions window shows X as 7.84 and Y as 30.
While I can cope with this re the hull and superstructure (which I am modifying) it gets very confusing with the numerous parts of the rigging and I cannot find a way to get the correct dimensions to show in the dimensions window.
If I start afresh with a new cube set to the hull dimensions then all is correct, so it is a problem specific to this model.
I have asked this same question of Turbosquid and still await an answer, so thought I would ask for any help here.
With thanks for any suggestions.

Yes and your ship is rotated… re-rotate so that x is the width and y the length… (then local and global fit). If you want it that way: apply rotation.

Thanks for your reply Okidoki but it is not that simple. I can rotate it in any direction EXCEPT it will not turn from the X axis to the Y axis and I have completely run out of ideas, HOWEVER thinking hard about your reply I then realised that the model downloaded as 7 separate objects so: I joined them all into one, and then I was able to select all - edit - and rotate so as to be on the y axis.
I then selected all and separated by loose parts and now I have 1,779 separate parts which suits me perfectly for I can now put them into separate collections and be properly organised.
Although this has taken me a long time to sort out, it has resolved various issues all in one go so I thank you again for taking the trouble to reply.