ship modeling and archetecture

I’m not sure which thread this should go in, but here’s my question: I’m modeling a ship for a game I’m working on for fun. It will have both an exterior as well as an interior. Is there a way to model both the inside as well as the outside of it? For example, since it is a spaceship it will have 2 decks, is it possible to model the two decks then model an exterior around it? If so, does anyone have any recommendations as to what order I should do this in. Outside or inside first? Also, how would you go about wrapping an outside around the inside?

Bit of info about said ship:
I want this to be a seamless transition, I don’t want there to be a loading screen whenever players enter or exit the ship so I’m basically designing it as it would be: A very big vehicle.

Its possible, but not really recommended.

If you insist, model the inside and outside separately, then scale the outside up and then join the two after you’ve finalized each.