Ship (name undecided)

Thinking UNSC UNSS Knightmare, but not sure.

Edit: totally forgot this pic of the bottom :smiley:


BTW the doors are on the back of the bottom over hang, also this ship is supposed too be truely MASSIVE.

The basic shape is ok.
Some suggestions:

  • use more faces for ship and smooth the whole thing.
  • adding details is important to give it a good sense of scale (since your aiming for a real massive ship)

How many governments call their ships the ‘knightmare’. 1, it’s kind of melo-dramatic. 2, it’s a terrible pun.

kinda the feeling i get too, However, i was think that would be its project codename because of the fact that its the first non super capital class ship too have a inertless bubble (NERDING OUT NOW ILL STOP)

sorry about the doubble post but i need help with the weapons and engines if anyone gots ideas i would appriciate.

As I’ve said in the PM I sent to you looking at reference pictures is always a good help (rocket engines, space shuttle engines, battleship guns etc)
Also it isn’t forbidden to take a look at other pictures to see how other artists solved a problem.

you decide, i scrapped the main hull to make a better sectional one. we will see how that goes… well, picks now, enjoy? :ba:
lol i couldnt resist

ideas suggestions insults, all welcome

wow i just impressed myself
im actually proud i was able too do that!

the model is awesome. so, just stop there. work on the materials. add some nice photoshop textures and bumpmaps.

jut thought i would update before i got off for a few hours.

on the fence about the colors ;(

Those new structure detaisl and the new engine really improve your ship.
Keep adding more details and refining the hull structure.
I think that a blueish engine would look good

more engine details before i enter sleep status.

and just for fun i rendered on a full quality one

Wow! nice laser gun! :smiley: cant wait to see the laser gun finished… i love laser guns…
hehe hi MCXL :slight_smile: great ship model :smiley:

check out that detail in those little things.:smiley:

Holy greebles, batman. That be some funky detail work.

You know what the problem is now? Seeing it all. :stuck_out_tongue: I recommend you turn your anti-aliasing solution from ‘gauss’ or whatever it’s at to ‘cubic’ or ‘mitch’. And also turn the sampling size from 1.00 to 1.50, to get all the detail in nice and crisp.

EDIT: I mention this because your top picture looks blurry, it makes the detail really hard to see.

That’s some good progress. If you’re going to do the whole ships with that many details you’ll need a good PC.


i want too use the blue but i just cant get it bright enough
i want it too glow whie hot

Oh, glowing is a post-process effect with nodes. Anyway, nice-looking.

IM STUCK! so help me out with some suggestions!

Burger!!! :slight_smile: