Ship-Shooter Game

Hello every one, i working on a ship shooter project ! but i have some troubles with blender GE, i can export exe file to preview without blender ! I can find a way to made the shots, like lazers, or bullets or energy blaster ! Any one have the best way to do this for this kind of game ?

Above, a few imagems and a video of what i had did !

The link you can see more things : ShipShooter Project. Any idea and suggestions, are wellcoming !

to shoot laser bolts, or any kind of shot, you use images.

Hello, thanks for the quick respond ! I have to use, alpha channel ? and PNG images ? How to simulate the rockets engines for those ships ?

And the main cannon how to simulate a charge to give a big shoot ?

yes, use the alpha channel. I am not sure you can do that with png images. Use images for the engines too.

Thanks Boss ! I work on this stuffs and post a reply soon as possible ! !!:ba:

Why not model the bullet/laser on a seperate layer and add a Edit Object actuator? Then just type the name of the desired bullet/laser, attach it to a keyboard sensor and increase the XYZ velocity?

This will move the selected object to your current layer and apply speed.

… I think?

(Dont click)

Do what Nikolaus said. :wink:

It’s is ask to much for a blender sample ? I have posted one of my models take a look !

Help the newbie and you will help the rest of the world :smiley: !

protype002-pack.blend (895 KB)

This will work but note that the maximum velocity you can set using the Actuator directly is 100. Which is probably not enough to simulate a laser beam or a simple bullet.

I used a python script to set the initial velocity to 700 and it does a great job BUT, at that velocity, it causes some collision detection problems. I’ll probably add a Ray to the bullet object to detect upcoming collision, I dunno yet…

How is that?

Press space to fire, remember that you can always edit the “Bullet”
I used an empty for the gun. (Making it invisible)
Good luck.

It depends on the type of “bullet” you’re wanting to simulate as well as the scale of your models. If you’re wanting to simulate something like a sniper bullet (very fast, travels in a pretty straight line), you’ll need to give it a higher velocity than, say, a cannon ball. Also, your perception of 100 units/sec is relative depending on the scale of the world. If your models and world are small, chances are it might work without using a script.

If you don’t like scripting, you can just add an “always” sensor to the projectile (turning off pulse mode so it fires only once) and connect it to a motion actuator. This will allow you to adjust the velocity well beyond the 100 limit of the add object actuator. NOTE: you will still need to put it on a different layer and use the edit object actuator to add it in. The difference is that the velocity will be controlled by the bullet and not the actuator.

Hello my friend ! I can’t view this file could you please, post inside to another file server ? thanks !

Oh my ! Nice tips ! I thinking maybe will be a great idea if all of us join in to a group and develop this project ! I work with a friend to develop a iphone version. And try get money to develop another projects !

I made this lasor using an AA-12 shotgun i made for a game im working it looks wierd but its just an example.
Left click=fire
lasor.blend (283 KB)
this took about an hour to put together because i bored i guess i over did what was need but its just some planes with alpha textures ipo animation and add object actualators:spin:. I’ve done lasers before im not good but its only a simple example

Great ! I will try ! Any way if any one want help me with this project ! I’m not a expert with blender GE. But i have nice ideas and have a few things to be used !

Hello guys, i had working to finish the firt group of models for the game ! Here the models !
:cool: I had found, a few samples of life bar, collision, shoot and i will try to made a example using all together. Any question i post here OK ??!!??

Give me feedbacks thats really helps !

I like those shark/whale looking ship.

Btw, if you only plan about doing laser, you could even exclude the bullet thing and simply use a Ray + Delay Sensor to check collision with enemy ships. It’ll save you all the physics thing.

Requires a couple of lines of script but I could do it for you if you don’t want to get your hands dirty :slight_smile:

Great idea Djordhan, we could work together if you want ! But about the shot i thing we could use lase, bullets, missil and another types of shoots.

wow nice models and textures. :smiley:

Thanks Valek your feedback is import ! Feel free to comment any time !