this is my ship i would like some feedback on it before i continue and some tips making the sails


Sails are fairly easy, 'spesh compared to organic modelling (4 days on a torso and counting).

One large plane: Press w for subdivide, choose x4: Change to vertices. Push and pull in side view in general rows, (not too regular) and subsurf.

Also you will need low cross beams on your masts, and guide ropes. Maybe some rails on the side to stop people being washed overboard?

the steeringwheel is too big.

use soft body simulation for the sails, it gives it a realistic look…
check out this:

How realistic are you aiming to make this? If you’re looking for a “cartoonish” look, fine. But if realism is your goal, all your proportions are wrong. I suggest you find pictures or drawings of ships of this type and scale your model based on those.

For sails, softbody or you can even use bones to animate the sails.

When I started it was meant to be realistic but i didnt find any good images so i suppose it will be a cartoon ship.

thx Goodneck for the link to softbody sail. I discovered the goal button:D

I’m was planning to do some rails but i have no idea how I’m gonna do them