Hi there,
first post here, so I try to keep it short and simple. I started a little project in my spare time, just for fun. It is a ship from 18th century. Firstly I have to say, that I am no trying to be historically accurate, it must only look “believable”.

Here is the current render:

Through this project I tried to properly familiarize myself with Blender. I try to model reasonable amount of details, so that I could use simpler textures. The outcome can be seen on the following pictures (rendered with single material and the last two with textures, would post direct links to the pictures, but appearently the post is exceeding limit of URLs):

Any thoughts,ideas how to improving it, especially in the sails area, would be appreciated.

Very nice modeling!

Looks really really good! Even the plaque is great.

The massive “WIP” is a bit distracting though. I would be so happy with it the way it is but if you are really looking for feedback then:

The bottom half of the hull looks strange to me - but maybe there are boats built like that. What is it emulating? I would have thought anything below the water line would be sealed and more uniform, no big edges to the tiles but a painted/sanded/tarred/smoothed effect… but then maybe you have references.

Similarly, the square sail, I would imagine that, although pleated at the bottom the middle part would be smooth, like in this:

This is just my gut reaction - I am sure your research is more accurate!

Good job!

very impressive :slight_smile: the corner of the bottom of the bow looks a little angular but other than that it looks very nice :slight_smile:

It looks good - almost photo-realistic. Why don’t you try adding a sea in with the liquid simulator or something?

I’m not familiar with this version of the USS Enterprise do you know which one it is? Just so its easier for us to compare to the original.

Thanks for responses,

The "thing"on the bottom of the hull is copper plating. I agree it looks kind of strange, because I made it little bit large and little more extruded. Maybe smoother and smaller plates would be nicer. (I only roughly compared copper plating on bigger ships and scale it down, I am not even sure that ship of similar size and class would have copper plating)

Like I said, I am not trying to be historically accurate, but it is vaguely based on this ship:

OK, little update. Did some render with water as you suggested. I tried fluid simulation in blender 2.57, but I didn’t like it. So I try to model it by hand. That did not work very well either.:o So after some other tries I come up with this. Can’t say I’m fully satisfied with it… Any suggestions ?

Personally, i think this render is 100 times better than the first. Your water looks fairly realistic,but something about it just doesn’t look right… I dont know though, maybe im wrong. The sky texture works very well with the scene and the lighting as well. Nice job :slight_smile:

That last render was great! The sail’s material looks a little fake, though. I think it needs to be darker.

I can’t add anything to this thread except, “Wow”! You are incredibly talented and this is a great example of near perfect modeling. The realism is motivating to say the least! Please keep up the great work! There is no need for any critique in my opinion…

another long delay, but I am here with some new pics. Thanks for all the replies. Added some more details, mainly I tore up the main sail, added some sailors, figurehead and nets, as you can see on the following pictures:

At the end, I didn’t like the figurehead so much, so I added nets to cover it up a little with nets. I decided to stay with the previous composition (render in my previous post). As you suggested I darkened the sails and tried to improve the sea mesh. Finally, after some post-processing, I came up with this. Still not satisfied with the outcome, but I am running out of ideas…


I dunno about anyone else but i think this should be called done.
Very nice composition imo. Colors are great.

Good job on modeling and compositing.

However there is one thing that bothers me. Look at the screen below:

If the wind blows from the back of the ship then I think the flag up there should be waving in the opposite direction.

Agreed, it is a little off, but the wind is not blowing directly from the back of the ship. Imho, in that case, the main sail would be turned and not parallel with the ship’s axis. The wind is in fact blowing more from the port side, but even with this fact in mind, I have to say, that flag is really off…:smiley: Don’t know if its worth to rerender the whole thing just to correct that, though…

This is brilliant, Props to you.

awesome work. i love these details :slight_smile:

you should try and get some sun shining through the mast, so it has almost a bit of an angelic glow on the edges, also the side we are seeing it much to dark for an outside scene. it needs long shadows, but the full on blackness is to much. I’d also like to see a bit more back lighting, and try and get the metal bits to relflect more light and give a nice shine ( but not enough to distract from the whole image ). I also think it would be smart to make a lot of the light be coming from the front ( of the ship ) so that it can have a sort of adventurous feel to it.

wow… just realized this isn’t in focused critique facepalm

anyhow, nice job. this is a mediocre piece at the moment, because while the modeling and texturing is great, it is just out of reach of grabbing my emotions, and saying “wow, that is a beautiful image”

Hi Erdux, your ship model is coming along great! I noticed you were not happy with the water mesh for the ocean. Perhaps you could try out the Ocean Sim branch we’ve been working on and see if it will help your scene. It won’t give you the spray on the stern of the ship, but for the rest of the ocean it might help with additional detail. See the link in my sig. Cheers.

thanks for the replies and advices. I tried to include some of them into the next render, but I didn’t liked the outcome, so instead I reworked the image posted in my previous post. It is not that different, the main differences are new aspect ratio (16:9), brighter front sails and few other things. Here is the result: