Shipping Container Scene

Been working on this for a bit, and whilst i like the idea I feel the scene is missing something or has something wrong with it. Most noticeable to me is the wood texturing and the hook on the pulley.

I would love some critiques and any ideas anyone has, especially on how would be best to compose the scene, lighting and any differences in the texturing.

I made all the logos in gimp and textures i use CGTextures.



Nice work man!
you’re right you have to work a bit on the wood and the hook. I think the wood must be more dirty for example some oil over it some scratches and holes. And at the hook i would give it some rust and some splintering lack :wink:

Looking good so far.
You can smooth out some the edges of the container a bit, they are looking a little too sharp. Also adding some nail heads to the wooden plank’s texture. Lighting is looking good.
One other thing, maybe increase the specularity to the containers.

All of these sound great thanks guys. you know when you spend to long looking at a piece of work you can on longer tell whether its any good or not lol Thanks for the tips will re-do it and post the result :slight_smile:

  1. Use an external renderer, BI is not suitable for such scenes
  2. The image has no point. Just containers and some wood. Absolutely no emotional impact.
  3. What is the focus in this image? If it is the wood thingy, then the composition is wrong (The wood is not above the middle).

Valid Points, i think i will make the containers the focus, rework the composition of the image to fit better. Thanks for feedback

I agree with you about the last 2 but not the first. BI is capable of of making a pretty good scene.

My eyes went straight to the wood pallet. The pallet looks plastic. It needs grunge and cracked planks. example:

When the containers become the focus, some
missing details may become more obvious;

There’s no

  • handles on the locking mechanism for the doors
  • locking mechanism at the top and bottom of the bars
  • holes at the top corners for cranes to lift the containers


How about having one of the doors open a little and you can see two eyes and vague body. Or a hand coming out of door.
By the way they move those containers with a huge crane that has 4 hooks, 2 on each end.

how did you do the rope?
UV map or real curve ?

needs some work on the pulley system!

the container looks very nice

happy 2.5

If I’m correct you can model the rope by putting two half circles joined next to eachother and then extrude and use the twist modifier coupled with the array modifier. Or something like that… XD

Anyhooos, nice model :slight_smile: