Shipping container

This is the continuation of my post in the focused critique forum since I did almost get no replies there and absolutely no critique…

Here are two test for a dirtmap for the shipping container. What do you think?

It is looking good mrCarnivore, but do’t make only one the left and right side textured.
Put a texture on the front and back as wel

I only unwrapped the side until now. Tha rest will follow soon (when I have the time and nerves to properly unwrap those details…)

the top picture’s dirt looks a little sqaushed on the left-to-right.

The modelling looks good but the dirt texture on the top image is unconvincing. I’d like to see some red-brown rust colour in there instead of grey. Also, stains travel downward more than upward so the stains coming up from the bottom seem too dramatic, plus almost all the stains are around the same “length”. There needs to be more variety.

The ageing of the logo is also a little under-developed. It almost looks like new stickers with chunks peeled off. You need to fade areas and add chips and scratches and general roughness - and more randomly. Also, the paint is far more likely to be scratched on the raised sections and less scratched and faded in the dips. You’ve got a bit of that happening but the chunks are almost all exactly the same size and because they do go into the dips, they look like peeled sections instead of scratches.

The section along the bottom looks like a squashed version of the dirt used on the main section. The stains repeat a little like the teeth on a saw.

All the stains in this image look like a vertical blur from Photoshop rather than carefully managed textures.

The second dirt map isn’t so bad but is obviously a bit under-developed to be real.

@AndyD: Thx for the extensive critics!
The second image was a correction after I saw the rendered result of the first image. I agree that it looks too green and way to repititive. I tried to correct thise mistakes in the second image. That is supposed to be my starting point for adding rust. I will maybe change some of that green to a more brown-ish black.

What do you think about that?

After that I will be working on is scratches and rust… Maybe not in that order.

Glad to see you took care of the ripped out chunks of paint on the logo and MAERSK. The colors on these need to be less intense: sun and salt air and dust makes the color fade. Maersk paints their containers grey, the white in the logo is a separate color. The containers tend to get banged up and rusty near the holes (at BOTH ends, btw) used for tie downs. If you take a close look at the top edge, you’ll notice a couple of reinforcements inbetween two of the corregations. This is where the dockside overhead crane grabs the container to lift it off the ship.

The door end has markings indicating tare and gross weight, dimensions, etc. The door image doesn’t show Maersk door markings, but most of the markings are requirements of one sort or another, so Maersk doors would be similar.

Your modelling looks great, and the textures are coming along. Good work :smiley: !

@Orinoco: The writing will follow when I unwrap and texture the front. Thx for the link.

Here is an update, just a little bit rust:

more dirt and rust (the rust on the bottom is not finished, yet.)

Coolness! I love it!

Any more citicism about which image is better?

Is the really rusty one too much?

might depend what you are using the model for. If it is supposed to be still in use i would go rustless (ok, not accurate less rusty) one. but if it was supposed to be junked use the rust.
Just my oppion

Well, no i think the rusty one is really cool, but why are the doors so clean? ;).
It looks really good now, but ok maybe a bit to much rust, just a bit.
Now edit the doors, make them dirty and rusty.

Can we have a wire and polycount?
And above the letter K, the rust spot looks to much like blood, try to change it.

there a couple of the rust spots that look like blood by the star and above the M too

what an interesting and aesthetically pleasing project - gotta love this industrial grime!:yes:

My observation about the rust:
The heavily rusted version is great, but the area that is lacking a bit is the transition between paint and rust. Usually the red/brownish rust is surrounded by an area of peeling paint, uncovered primer patches and bubbles under the paint. Make a mental image of the “damage history”: First the paint receives a scratch, then water will intrude, it travels a bit under the coating, causes adjacent rust patches and so on… With a few more dirt layers this will be absolutly stunning!