Shipyard crane

I came upon decent photos and blueprints of this beauty and decided to model it.
It’s a crane from 50’s, about 40 meters high, placed on 200m long wharf. I’m mostly done with the wharf and finishing the crane. After that comes my favorite part when I add details :wink:

It looks so incredibly spindly. I would be terrified to get a ride in that.

I was on top of it and I must say it isn’t entirely riggid. Combined with the height it was pretty unforgettable experience :wink:

Progress on the crane

Almost done with the main construction. There are couple more things to do, but in a hour or so I’ll start detailing the model.

I think you should add wheels to it, the bodies on the floor where the wheels should be ruin the model for me.

Bottom part is stationary so no wheels there :slight_smile: Wheels are barely visible on the bottom of a crane.

some textures

and basic cycles setup

testing the shaders