Shirt not draping correctly, Tuts are dead

The tutorial that everyone always points to has lost almost all the images, rendering it almost useless. I have scoured the internet finding that there are a lot of results but not that many tutorials about making shirts and stuff. I got the skirt to drape after much trial and error. Now the shirt is just simply annoying me. I want it to drape like a tshirt, instead it puffs up like this

It starts like this.

This is the weight paint for the Elastic, the shirt itself is blue

At one time I had the shirt and skirt was the same but then I decided to try separate settings for each part but it just doesnt seem to work. Do I need to fiddle with soft bodies to drape right or what? See my reply for the settings

Click for larger

Oh yeah, the character’s collision settings.

does anyone have have any ideas or know of any good, still alive tutorials?

Hi InsaneXade.

I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into it but it seems like the problem could possibly be the “Distance” value is to high within your cloth object’s Cloth Collision panel; assuming that Cloth Collision is even enabled. The “Distance” attribute can create a puffy effect.

I think that the “Repel” and “Repel Distance” attributes can also create a puffy effect, I think. So you might want to make sure they’re not set to high, if set at all. The “Outer” attribute within the Collision panel of your collision object can also create a puffy effect if set to high; although, judging by your posted image, the “Outer” seems ok – I guess.

Also I couldn’t easily find a clothing with Cloth physics tutorial anywhere but I did find a few fairly decent tutorials on general Cloth physics though…

  1. Here is a video from CG Cookie. It’s pretty informative.(I would have imbeded the actual video, but wouldn’t allow me)
  1. Part 1 of 3 of this tutorial is somewhat informative, and perhaps parts 2 and 3 may be useful to you as well.
  1. Here is a side by side comparison tutorial. You might want to check out this guy’s other tutorials too because there pretty good.

Good day.

Thanks a lot, that really helped, it’s draping correctly now :slight_smile:

It made the skirt drape a little nicer too. I decided that the shirt would not fit her as tightly as before and would be rather loose around her waist, she’s a well endowed but slender girl :). Now, If I could just figure out how to render a single frame…

I am not sure if there is a user preference setting or attribute somewhere that allows for individual images to automatically be saved (I haven’t found it), but what you can do is

  • Go to the “Info” Editor at the top of Blender’s default layout and select “Render” >> “Render Image” (I’m assuming you know this already).

  • After your single frame is rendered then, from within the Render window( which is also the UV Image Editor), select “Image” >> “Save As Image” then find the “Save As Image” panel within the File Browser and then just select the appropriate file format.

Good night to you…