Shit... agaiN!

(Nayman) #1

Well, this production seems to be plauged…

Our 1200 dollar camera is lost, along with our 100 dollar boom mike.

Well, at least the camera isnt mine.

Anyhoo… jsut thought you should know…

However, spidey will prevail, no matter what!

(SGT Squeaks) #2

oh that sucks dude!!! if there was a SGT. Squeaks emoticon that frowned I would use it right now, but alas there is not. :frowning:

(rwv01) #3

What happened?

(Nayman) #4

a crew member left it in the hallway at lunch, and someone took it. hopefully, we will get it back

(valarking) #5

Hmm. Would it be legal to force that crewmember to pay for it if you don’t find it?

(Timonides) #6

Better call a priest to perform some exorcism or something, really quick, cause it’s sure that you are being haunted by a daemon, or even by the “evil eye”…

And don’t forget to always wear the “Holy Cross” and say some prayers!!! They always help!!!

With so much bad luck, it wouldn’t be a bad idea, anyway…


(Nayman) #7

we got it back!

(SGT Squeaks) #8

sweet!!! now that deserves a special limited collectors edition Sargent squeaks smiley emoticon!!!

(valarking) #9

did it get stolen or was it just a mixup? good to hear.

(miffwhite) #10

Nayman have you got anymore to show of your movie-- a spiderman compostition or something-- are you using Icarus?

I dunno if you have – but it would be awesome if you had a website show some of the effects and how you were doing it! Anyway I could help?


(SGT Squeaks) #11

ya, a spiderman website would be cool. So we can keep track of things.

(Timonides) #12

Yeah!!! That’s wonderfull news…

Maybe it’s the end of your bad luck!!! I wish you won’t have any more problems from now on!!! :smiley:


(Nayman) #13

My good friend, polymath will be building us a web(ha ha) site fairly soon.

I cant get icarus to work, and have been matching the camera by hand (oy)
Anyone have a simpler way to do it?

I dont have anythign as of right now… expect more around halloween…

a trailer by then… for sure.,