Shiver me timbers! International Talk Like A Pirate Day!


Avast ye, sea dogs!

Talk like a pirate will ye, lest I hang ye from the yard-arm!

Suzanne be a fine wench of a monkey, that she be!

We blender-pirates be gentlemen o’ fortune… we be be lookin’ for gold!

Ahoy there, skipper!!!

I trust there be room left, for an old bucanneer, such as me poor self, to go on the account along with ye…

I can’t talk like a pirate all by me oncies. I’m glad there’s a pirate talkin day. We should have a talk like yoda day too.

Cool talk like Yoda day would be. Yoda speak differently he does.

ARRR! SCURVY! MATEY! AVAST! ETCETERA! is the official website btw.

And skating kow, bad at talking like Yoda you are.

Shiver me timbers!!!

I be better go all the way down to the Davy Jone’s locker, than talk like that landlubbin’ blimey sprog, with the great grand “pointy” ears, who be talkin’ like he’s loaded to the gunwales… (j/k :P)

Aye, me hearties…war be the rum? Arrrrrr.

How about a “talk like pirate yoda” day?

How about a “talk like pirate yoda” day?[/quote]

be changin’ things, that would… Blast me!!!

talkin’ like yoda “gentleman o’ fortune”, I agree…