Shockwave flash support

Can we have SWF support in the forum?

it would be verry nice for people to post animations and movies of their work.

GIF files are too big.

You could use blendimation for small animations/videos. Then just post a link.
Personally, I think it would be a great feature, but how would users upload content if they cannot convert it themselves?
Or would the BA guys be able to do that?

you can do it with this free set of tools…

I forgot that!
Thanks. You would not believe I downloaded that a few days ago!

Can we export Blender Animation as SWF?


a long time ago there was a SWF exporter from blender, I think they stopped developing it around blender version 2.37a.

you can use SWFtools with Jpegs,PNG,AVI files, that blender exports though .

hope that helps… swftools runs in linux, mac OSX, and windows XP, Vista, X64!!

it is very exciting software for me :slight_smile:

yea i agree…and thanks for the link!

(offtopic but it’d also be nice if we could embed youtube/google vid movies)

Maybe someone could write a python wrapper over swftools for blender… (I would, but my python programming needs brushing up…)