Shockwave (G1 Transformer)

This is sort of my first attempt at texturing. I have had lots of failures but this one, I think I managed to make it look sort of good. As some people may know, this is Shockwave from Transformers Generation 1.
Even after texturing, it still looked weird but I used the compositor to change lighting and color setting. I think in the end it turned out pretty cool.
Some Feedback will be much appreciated. Cheers! :slight_smile:

pretty cool. he appears to be UV mapped so you should give him some spec maps and normal maps and refl maps. perhaps an emit map too?
(edit) I don’t know what your understanding of texturing is like, so here’s a quick explanation of how maps work:
a map is a grayscale image that determines influence of reflectivity, mirror value, specularity, normals and other stuff. where the map is white or whitish, that is a high value. where it’s dark, that’s a low value, and gray values would be medium. so you just load these images as texture channels set to UV, and set the ‘map influence’ to affect whatever values you want. color is checked by default so usually you have to uncheck that as well. so mostly you can paint these using texture paint, or by using filters. another thing you can do to spice up your materials is to use image maps with nodes to blend multiple materials according to grayscale value. there is an explanation ( a link to one ) of how to set up your nodes in my signature.

Sweet, Thanks for the advice. I’ll look into that now :slight_smile:

Agree with Modron about the texturing.
I would also suggest a different background…At the moment the transformer blends into the dark room ( if its a room ).
Maybe also place it next to some other object (familiar object) to give a person an idea about the true size of it.

Nice work